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[22 Aug 2010|10:17pm]
fuck me in the head

[07 Jun 2003|01:08pm]
considering deleting this journal.
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[07 Jun 2003|12:14pm]
camping was awesome. i have the best friends in the world, i am certain... i often wonder what exactly it is that i have done to be blessed that way... if someone or something really does exist up there, in the heavens... i am certain he/she/them look favourably upon me.

i have always believed that you can judge someone's character by the company they keep...if that's true for me, than i must actually be a pretty okay person, regardless of how down i am on myself most of the time.
fuck me in the head

[07 Jun 2003|12:07pm]
lj match crapCollapse )
fuck me in the head

[05 Jun 2003|05:02pm]
i have a new secret journal. not entirely sure why it's secret, but it is... i guess because sometimes i censor what i write in here because i know who's going to be reading it... so i guess the uber-downlow shit goes in there... if you want in on it, email me kateriseng@shaw.ca or leave a comment, i'll probably add you. but please keep it hush hush, out of respect for me.
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[05 Jun 2003|03:09pm]
does somebody have an extra code for me? i want to start a secret journal project... shhhh!
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[05 Jun 2003|01:21am]
[ mood | happy ]

i had a pretty laidback birthday. didn't do a heckuva lot... got a shitload of happy birthday calls, that was nice. mostly just hung out with wayne all day... kari and noah dropped by in the afternoon, i love that kid. he's so funny. wayne entertained him by showing him strongbad emails. way to warp his fragile 4 year old mind wayne.

then a bunch of kids dropped by eveningish and we just chilled and bitched and watched fubar. jessika came over and cut wayne's hair. it looks EXACTLY the same. girl haircut. see? this picture adequately displays the girliness of his haircut.

and today was another lazy day of nothingness... i managed to clean my kitchen, mop the floor, return all the empties leftover from saturday (13 dollars worth, to be precise.)

it appears as though we are going camping at sawpit on friday? and i am having another party on saturday? not entirely sure how i feel about that at the moment. we'll see i guess. mostly i just hate it when i get tired and i just want to go to sleep, but there are still people at my house... and i've had parties the past two weekends in a row. and i don't like how messy my house gets either... and it always takes me like, three days to finish cleaning up after.

i've been neglecting livejournal. i am a dick.

here is a total camwhore shot of me.

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[02 Jun 2003|02:59pm]
i am cranky.

today is a day for just napping and reading. all day long. when i should be cleaning my house and returning empties from saturday night.

fuck me in the head

[02 Jun 2003|02:40pm]
fuck me in the head

[02 Jun 2003|01:49am]
[ mood | tired ]

had a pretty good weekend. nessa's boy from rhode island is visiting for the weekend, so on friday they came over, and then we went and picked up wayne when he got off of work, and rented fubar, because wayne had never seen it and we wanted to give john a little taste of canadian cheese.

and last night i threw a party... it was a good time, a lot of great kids showed up and i had quite a bit to drink... it's been awhile, so i think i deserved it. i think wayne made friends with clint and guy. that is cute.

and tonight was the arkata/3 inches of blood show... just to fill you in, wayne is in a band with matt and patrick and a couple other kids, but matt had to go to work on the island for the summer, so they kind of went on hiatus before they could play their first show, until august anyway... but shortly after we got up today, matt called... he came into town for the show, and stripped of his wings ended up playing a short set at the show... they were so so so good. i loved it.

and then the other local opening band played and they sucked some major asspipe... they should have played before SOHW.
but oh well i guess... regardless, arkata tore the roof off... it was wicked. i was so excited to see them again. and while i was at the merch table buying a cd/buttons, scotto robotto was like, hey.. were you at the show at the townehouse in november? (when i saw arkata in sudbury w/ katja and alexisonfire) and he TOTALLY REMEMBERED ME from the merch table there... hahahahaha. awesome. free trustkill sampler too. sweet.

my sex drive is right out of control lately. i'm starting to feel like some kind of freak. what's up with that? i feel like i belong on springer or something. poor wayne.

i turn 23 in two days. CREEPY.

i am a dirty old pervert.

x0x0x kate

ps. you totally have to look at this picture of wayne... it's hilarious, he's supposed to be "grabbing" the CN tower, but it's dark, and you can't see it, so he just kind of looks retarded. i can't stop laughing at it. http://www.flarf.com/adventures/wayne/images/02071211.JPG

pps. ahh, heck, just for good measure here are a couple other pics...Collapse )

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[29 May 2003|03:47pm]
i just successfully attempted to merge 2 global head overrides in my journal's appearance. it's so pretty! check it out.
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[28 May 2003|10:55pm]
waynis just called me from work and he is coming over after work on friday. yay. so none of this bored all day saturday when will he get here crap this week.

kari and noah came over for tea today... that was nice. i'm glad i'm friends with her, she is fun.
noah is hilarious... 4 year olds rule.

me: noah, do you like date squares? here, help yourself...
noah: are those for dogs?
kari: no, she wouldn't be offering them if they were for dogs...
noah: i think they are for dogs.
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[28 May 2003|08:43pm]
music survey.. fun!Collapse )
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[28 May 2003|08:26pm]
another one stolen from butterymufkinCollapse )
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[28 May 2003|07:40pm]
neato! stolen from butterymufkin...Collapse )
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[28 May 2003|02:29pm]
some survey stuffCollapse )
fuck me in the head

[28 May 2003|12:32pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

so the funeral service for gramma was yesterday. with gramma being roman catholic, it was at st. jerome's... with as many beefs as i have with the catholicism, i would have to say that i pretty much always enjoy their services... mostly because of the pomp... you know, the gowns, the incense, the candles, the rituals... i didn't use the kneelbars at all though... i haven't done that since i was a little girl, and quite frankly i saw no reason. i was at my grandmother's funeral and wasn't entirely concerned with offending those around me. and if anyone really was offended, SUCK A FAT ONE.

after the funeral my entire family went out to camp... susie bought the camp next to anna's last fall, which is great because it means all of the camps my grandfather built are now back in the family. EVERYONE was there except for my mother, who is dead, and my aunt kelly, who needed to just go to sleep. oh, and mikey, who is tripping around in bc w/ sarah for a couple weeks and who we could not get ahold of. it's been so so so long since everyone has been together like that. we ate a huge turkey dinner, had a bonfire, looked through gramma's scrapbooks and photo albums, and watched some home movies, and drank some beer. it was lovely. and jesus, anna found this tape of gramma singing and playing the accordian and yodelling... it was awesome.

i haven't been able to bring myself to watch any videos of my mother since she died. cause honestly, at what point are you sitting around the house thinking to yourself... i really feel like doing something that will probably make me lose ALL COMPOSURE.
but i did last night. i saw her. dancing, and drinking wine, and cracking jokes and laughing and picking up babies and squeezing them and joking and singing with her sisters. i hadn't heard my mother's voice in over three years. it was beautiful... it was like getting her back for those few minutes... but it's so hard to see her right there, in front of you...alive, happy... and not be able to reach out and grab her and not let her go. so i grabbed mary, and susie, and regina, and rachel, and anna. these women are my mother's sisters... they look like her and they sound like her, they laugh like her, and they have the same sense of humour, which happens to be pretty unique and some might think absolutely retarded. and sometimes i think that i have been purposefully avoiding them over the past three years on account of the fact that when i look at mary or regina all i can see is my mother. and that kind of hurts. seeing regina, playing with her grandchildren, and hearing mary talk about all the work she's been doing in her garden this year, and knowing that rita hasn't done any of those things in the past three years, and she never will again.

but so goes life i guess... and some things never change... i stood in the big camp, a week away from being 23 years old, with my aunts calling me KK and pressing 20s into my hand for my birthday.

also: silver lining. it has been decided that grayson and eve and i will be splitting my mother's share of the inheritance. i, in an attempt to be realistic, figure i might get at least a couple grand. however, my father, being much more aware of what my grandmother's financial situation, seems to think that after they sell the house, and the property in florida, we will probably see at least 10 000 apiece. that is my brother and sister and i splitting 1/7 of the inheritance into three. obviously, the $ isn't important, but i'm not going to lie and say that it won't be nice.

it's funny how some old people don't LIVE like they have money. especially those who lived through the wars in europe... they hoard everything their whole life.

anyway, i'm cleaning my house today. i should go get started on that. such a waste of a day, though... it's so beautiful outside.

fuck me in the head

why i <3 ryan [28 May 2003|03:35am]
Sir Osis of the Liver says:
I dunno. I'll call you and we can hang out or something. And maybe do stuff.
[that which is loved will always be beautiful.] says:
yes! fo sho.
[that which is loved will always be beautiful.] says:
i'm never doing anything but watching tv. or walking lucy. or getting it on. or eating rice.
[that which is loved will always be beautiful.] says:
so my schedules pretty open
Sir Osis of the Liver says:
Okay. I'll try to get you when your schedules open and not your legs.
[that which is loved will always be beautiful.] says:
[that which is loved will always be beautiful.] says:
you rule.
[that which is loved will always be beautiful.] says:
nite riney
Sir Osis of the Liver says:
fuck me in the head

[26 May 2003|09:25pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

i just got back from my gramma's wake. it was nice to see my family, mostly those from ohio that i like NEVER get to see. i feel funny. and kind of lonely. wayne is at work and i probably won't see him for a few days. ash is leaving for a month. i should probably see if i can hang with her tonight.

and i really don't have much else to say right now, cause i'm kind of sad and cryish and moody. here is a survey.

gayass surveyCollapse )

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[25 May 2003|04:26pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

so yeah... weekend... um, er... friday, janet came over... she decided to come home for the summer. it was a beautiful day... we walked to the A&P, i got some groceries, and we bought some wine... walked back to my place, and were tanked by 3 PM... thereafter followed 14 hours of drunken debauchery which included going to madison's to watch the game with about 15-20 other dollies, drinking draft draft draft by the pitcher, watching the sens lose, going to kurt b's for a drink, and then going back to my place to party. wheeeeeee.

and then yesterday, wayne FINALLY showed up at my house at like, 8ish... we were intending to go out to cara's camp, but all of our ride possibilities ended up not going, so we rented a couple of movies with ash and kc and like, totally couched it up.

today: all ages show at 7... death by stereo & nicotine... w/ the fallout? i think that's the lineup minus the band that cancelled... but yeah, wayne just went home awhile ago, nessa's coming over here to pre-drink at five, and we're going to the show for 7ish... wayne should be meeting us there, i'll know for sure when he calls... but yeah, i'd just like to thank jay hamilton for leaving that six pack of high life on my back deck on friday night... cause now i get to pre-drink for free, even if it is miller.



i also have to find out if my grandmother's funeral is in fact tomorrow... because if i miss it due to a hangover... i will be a CLASS A FOOL.

also: morning hair at 4:25 PM. god bless the unemployed.

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